FOCUS on Emergency Departments Q1 Data

Posted Sep 12, 2019

New data is available on our FOCUS on Emergency Departments website. The update includes data from April, May, and June 2019.

Visit FOCUS on ED to see the most recent data:

FOCUS on Emergency Departments

This section of our FOCUS on Healthcare website features patients experience in our province’s 16 busiest emergency departments, from things like patient wait times to hospital occupancy rates. The measures included are important pieces of information that can lead to quality improvement and a better healthcare system in Alberta.

FOCUS on Healthcare

The Foster Open Conversations that Unleash Solutions (FOCUS) on Healthcare initiative is a dynamic online reporting tool developed by the HQCA. The tool allows users to navigate data through user-friendly, interactive charts. Content on the site is specific to Alberta and includes patient experience data, health outcome data, and in the future, economic data (cost-effectiveness), across a variety of sectors of healthcare.

The FOCUS on Healthcare website is a unique way for the HQCA to deliver on its mandate to monitor and report on health service quality and patient safety for Albertans. This work started with FOCUS on Emergency Departments, first published in January 2017.