Primary Healthcare Series

This two-part Quality Exchange series focuses on primary healthcare and the improvements that are being made with regards to colorectal cancer screening rates and continuity of care.

By looking at the HQCA’s FOCUS on Healthcare website, data showed that some Primary Care Networks (PCN) are either doing extremely well or have made significant improvements in these important areas.

The Importance of Improving Relational Continuity

We interviewed five PCNs that have shown improvements in relational continuity. How do they invest their time? How do the things they do align with the Toward Optimized Practice clinical practice guidelines for increasing continuity? Why does continuity matter? And what impact can it have – especially with your most ‘at-risk’ patients, such as those with COPD? What are the practical tips you can apply to your clinical setting?

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Read about why relational continuity matters, see how making small changes can make a big difference, and learn several practical tips that can be applied to your clinical setting. View

Exceeding provincial averages in colorectal cancer screening

We interviewed Bighorn PCN and Calgary Foothills PCN as they are both leading the way for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in Alberta. We also interviewed the Evanston Medical Clinic, part of the Mosaic PCN, as it showed significant improvements in its CRC screening rates.

Learn more about the factors that contributed to higher CRC screening rates for their patient panels with the following resources:


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Read about colorectal cancer screening in Alberta, what a few frontrunners are doing to exceed provincial rates, and how YOU can be inspired to make a change.  Learn more →