Patient Experience Awards

OPEN NOW – 2022 call for applications

The Patient Experience Awards were established by the HQCA and its Patient and Family Advisory Committee to recognize and spread knowledge about initiatives that improve the patient’s overall experience in accessing and receiving healthcare services.

Who can be nominated or apply?

Any individual or team in Alberta involved in designing and implementing an initiative that promotes a positive patient experience in accessing or receiving healthcare services.

A successful applicant:

  • Has some evidence from the patient perspective that something needed to be changed or improved,
  • Engages patients and/or their family members in the process to improve (including the evaluation),
  • Acts on patient and/or family feedback, and
  • Can show how their patients’ and their families’ experiences have been positively impacted by this approach or initiative.

What types of initiatives qualify?

Initiatives in any healthcare setting including, but not limited to: primary care, acute care, home care, transitions in care, and continuing care. The initiatives that will be considered must have resulted in a positive impact on the patient experience.

Click here to learn about previous award recipients.

How do I apply for the award?

Nominations are submitted in two parts, described below. The application guide and form, in either Word or fillable pdf format, can be downloaded here:

Part A, which is to be submitted by November 26, 2021 includes:

  • a 300 word summary. The summary should touch on how the individual or team positively impacts specific element(s) of patient experience and why you feel the initiative should receive this award.
  • two statements of support from a patient or family member that describe or show how the nominee delivers positive patient experience. Please see the application guide for the HQCA’s definition of patient and family. Confirming patient and family advisors/representatives qualify and are welcome to provide a statement of support. The statements can be submitted in a format that the recommender feels most comfortable with (e.g., letter of support, video, audio recording, poem, artwork, etc.).

The summaries will be reviewed by the selection committee and a shortlist of nominees will be formed.

All applicants will be contacted in mid-December 2021 and those shortlisted will be invited to complete Part B of the nomination, which involves a 2,000 word detailed summary. Part B is due by February 28, 2022.

Please feel free to contact us at with questions or for guidance.

Thank you for taking time to apply