The FOCUS on Healthcare initiative is a dynamic online reporting tool developed by the HQCA. The tool allows users to navigate data through user-friendly, interactive charts. Content on the site is specific to Alberta and includes patient experience data, health outcome data, and where possible, economic data (cost-effectiveness) across a variety of sectors of healthcare.

The FOCUS on Healthcare website is a new and unique way for the HQCA to deliver on its mandate to monitor and report on health service quality and patient safety for Albertans.

FOCUS can answer questions, like:

  • Why do patient experiences at emergency departments vary between sites?
  • Are there differences in wait times between hospitals of the same type (e.g., large urban) with patients of the same urgency?
  • Are patients going to the emergency department for minor conditions instead of their family doctor?
  • Are there geographic differences in screening rates for things like cervical cancer? For example, are there differences in screening rates in northern Alberta compared to Edmonton or Calgary?