Nana Thaver

Sherwood Park, AB

Nana’s professional career has focused on the non-profit sector and she recently moved into post-secondary education, working with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. She enjoys working on projects that impact Albertans in terms of better health treatment, care, and research.

In her personal life, Nana identifies as part of the “sandwich generation,” meaning that she and her husband provide care to her two children, and her senior parents who are deaf. Nana enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks, as well as volunteering in areas where she believes she can make a difference. She served previously as a board member for an organization that supported deaf and hard of hearing individuals and families. Recently, she has been volunteering more in the health sector, trying to help create a path of accessibility for those who might find it harder to access healthcare. This is the primary reason Nana joined the Patient and Family Advisory Committee, to make a difference in the area of accessibility. Because of her parents’ hearing impairment, she feels keenly aware of the layers of complexity they experience when accessing health care services that she, as a hearing person, does not.