Medgine Mathurin

Haitian-born spoken word artist Medgine is a person for whom the love of language and the alchemy of words is second nature. Her multi-lingual upbringing (french, creole, english) not only prompted her to begin experimenting with the potential and magic of language, but naturally compelled her into a deep love of poetry. Her work has been featured in CBC, CBC Radio-Canada, Global TV, Skirtsafire Women’s Arts Festival and the Edmonton Poetry Festival.

Over the years, Medgine has been diagnosed with Lupus (SLE), CIDP, Polymyositis and Raynaud’s, all of which has fuelled her desire to merge her storytelling into patient advocacy especially those living with chronic illnesses. Medgine is currently an Improvement Facilitator, working in Primary Care and constantly brings her patient-lens when supporting family physicians and clinics. Medgine is passionate about providing tools and resources to equip discouraged dreamers living with chronic health conditions, so that they can live their most fulfilling lives. She is currently working on her first collection of poetry.