Panel Reports – why now?

Posted Mar 30, 2020

Andrew Neuner, Chief Executive Officer, HQCA 

There’s no shortage of things to think about these days if you are a family physician in Alberta.

Your practice is busy. The COVID-19 pandemic has added serious new patient questions. And in the background, we know the ongoing discussions with the Alberta government about the physician funding framework are likely on your mind.

Some of you may wonder why the HQCA chose now to release the 2020 Primary Healthcare Panel Reports.

The answer is we wanted to get this information – the most current and comprehensive data about patient panels – in your hands as soon as possible. And, frankly, some of you have been asking for it. Delaying the release runs the risk of making data less relevant.

I know all of you won’t have capacity to reflect on your panel data at this time. And that’s ok. It’s available for you to review whenever you’re ready.

With everyone focused on the COVID-19 response, the HQCA has put on hold – until further notice – our planned activities to promote these reports with physician and other healthcare audiences. That means we won’t offer webinars or pro-actively communicate about the reports in the near-term. There will also be delays in generating reports for new requestors.

There’s information on the HQCA website about what’s new with the 2020 data, and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team at

Thanks again for all you do to support patient safety and health service quality in Alberta.